Ethan Kind

"Reeducate the body by replacing years of misuse and tension with genuine freedom of movement."

About me

My writings on the Alexander Technique have been published in the American Music Teacher, the American String Teacher, Massage and Bodywork, Yoga Life, and the Massage Therapy Journal.

I bring a rich and varied background to my work of teaching the Alexander Technique. My experience as a performer who struggled with injury, a writer, a weightlifter and fitness trainer, along with my rigorous Alexander Technique training give me unique insights into quickly solving immediate problems of the body.

My latest books

"When you change old habitual movement patterns with the Alexander Technique, whether in playing a musical instrument, running, weightlifting, walking, or typing at a computer, you create an ease of body use that moves you consistently into the zone." - Ethan Kind

Watch Alexander Technique - Mayo Clinic

Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, meditation. All are activities that can improve your health by enhancing the mind-body balance. Now you can add the Alexander technique to that list. It's a very gentle practice geared toward improving your movement, posture and quality of life.

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Chelwood and Candelaria

Albuquerque, NM


(505) 294-8483



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