"I often meet people who have decided to give up on an instrument because pain and/or injury has taken the joy out of playing. They come to our store to look for a different instrument or give up playing music altogether. Saturday, July 24th, Ethan Kind will present a two hour workshopon The Alexander Technique for Musicians. Ethan will show you how The Alexander Technique can help identify and change habits that cause stress and tension, so that you do not have to give up anything! I personally have had two sessions with Ethan and I am truly amazed at what a difference it has made. I am more comfortable, more at ease yet more mindful and focused when I play. Every musician will benefit from this technique."

- Debra Fortess,
Musician and Owner of Apple Mountain Music

"Using principles of The Alexander Technique, Ethan Kind has made unlocked treasures of discernment for me as a vocal teacher. When I enlisted Ethan to double-team some of my students with me, he diagnosed and successfully treated many subtle and frustrating core causes of vocally inhibiting tension. The freedom from counterproductive tightness and more efficient neuromuscular and spinal operation of the body and has enabled vocal results that are nothing short of miraculous. He is insightful, creative with approaches and in all ways... Kind."

- Judy Rodman
Low Carb Diet

"Ethan's input was key to the quality of performance achieved by Pamela Howland in our recent recording sessions. His ability to create physical ease for Ms. Howland through mental imagery and physical awareness, and his deep understanding of this in relation to musicians, was invaluable."

- Evan Richey
Record Producer, Audio Engineer, Cellist

"Recording a CD is one of the most stressful situations for a performer. Although one knows that everything will turn out all right in the end, so many pressures are present during the session - pressures to play accurately, spontaneously, and beautifully, but all with in severe time and budget constraints.
Having Ethan Kind at your recording session is the best way to ensure that, despite the difficulties, you are not only giving your best possible performance but also having a truly enjoyable experience. His amazing capacity to keep the body loose, the mind focused, and the heart free actually makes the recording process a pleasure. Through body adjustments, emotional support, and encouragement to 'give the performance as a gift' he helps you keep the right balance and perspective so that head, hands and heart can all work together effortlessly to create beautiful performances."

- Pamela Howland,
Concert Pianist

"As a musician himself, he [Ethan] understands the 'inner game' of music. He applies all of this knowledge to helping musicians and others lead fuller, more rewarding lives. He opens the doors to our inner potential not only as performers but as human beings."

- Dr. David Schildkret,
Choral Director
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

"As Ethan Kind works his magic in words and deeds he humbly attributes the profound changes to 'intentions.' His intent is clear--to transform each student into the natural powerhouse inherent within. With delicacy and seeming ease, one suggestion, a light touch to the back of the head, and VOILA! A NEW, deep, resonant sound emerges from each of the twenty participating flutists. Ethan is AMAZING! RUN to study with this genius!"

- Wendy Kumer,
Founder and Director
The Flute Academy
Pittsburgh, PA

"The technique helped tremendously. It spurred some things that changed my life and music. I intend to work with you again in the near future. Thank you from the existence of my being for indeed I was changed."

- Carl Kloosterman

Carl has been a music teacher for 33 years, teaching elementary, middle, and high school choirs, bands, and orchestras. He sings with the New Mexico Symphony Chorus and is the pianist and organist at St. Matthews in Los Lunas, NM. Carl also teaches piano and voice, and is the head of the keyboard department at Music Mart.

"Ethan Kind's holistic approach to music-making therapy enabled me to regain my voice and rediscover the joy of singing. He utilizes a combination of Alexander Technique with his own spiritual and psychological discoveries to facilitate healing."

- Grace Johnson, M.M.,
Lecturer in Music, CPT
Guilford College
Greensboro, NC

"Finding Ethan Kind was a turning point in my life for pain-free creative self-expression in every aspect of who I am and what I do. With gentle technical expertise and deep insight, he guided me to remember and apply a fundamental natural truth within my body and spirit: I do not have to suffer and be in pain to use my gifts. I do not have to suffer and be in pain for even the simplest daily tasks of walking, working, speaking and sitting.

"Thank you, Ethan, for being a master teacher and guiding me to remember that pain is not a prerequisite for the artistry of living."

Rev. Donna Michael
Composer, Pianist, Recording Artist, Speaker, Forgiveness Coach


"The techniques have worked beautifully for me as I've incorporated them into my massage! The energy poured through my hands from my upper body as my gliding stance balanced me. Thanks for your expertise."

- Sharee Lindsey
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Attendee of Alexander Technique Workshop:
Taking Care of Your Body, Hands and Self at the Table at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, 9/3/10-9/4/10


"I loved this class, and I loved the amount of individual attention and feedback that was given. It has already proved helpful in my work and to my comfort level. Ethan is quite perceptive, and really knows his stuff."

- Wayne Lee
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Attendee of Alexander Technique Workshop:
Taking Care of Your Body, Hands and Self at the Table at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, 9/3/10-9/4/10